I am passionate about photography and image creation. I first used a camera when I was seven, and I have been in love with photography ever since. My passion for creativity extends to more than just photography, and I have worked as a visual designer (graphic and industrial) and creative director for over two decades. Image creation is a holistic mindset for me. I work in many creative mediums, including print and digital design, industrial design, industrial art, and photography.
Over the years, through both personal and work travel, I have been fortunate to see and experience many wonderful places, people, and events. I love life, meeting new people, helping when I can, and exploring all that is possible. My view is that I am only here for a short time, and I want to experience as much as possible, and I would like to share those experiences. 
My day-to-day focus is photography as art or product; I strive to produce imagery you want to hang in an office or living room. Yet I am equally at home planning and shooting events, products, corporate imagery, historical documentation, assisting other photographers, image restoration, and numerous other photo projects. 
I hope you enjoy the images I have provided on this site and come back often as the collection evolves. Not all work is visible here, as much of my work is private to the client. If you are interested and would like something commissioned for yourself, please contact me to discuss. 
I am currently based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am open to exploration, love new adventures, and will travel anywhere and to any length to get a great photograph. I look forward to hearing from you! 
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